Super Regional Drive

The Triangle TRD97 is suitable for both regional and line-haul applications, hence the designation of “Super Regional.” A truly versatile over-the-road drive tire, the TRD97 is designed to deliver great traction on both wet and dry roads without compromise to tread life. Deep 27/32” tread depth, extensive siping and wide open shoulders ensure maximum contact for all-weather traction.

Size P.R. T.D. L.I. S.S. O.D. S.W. S.L.R. R.W. L.C.C.@PSI L.C.C.@PSI
32nds in. in. in. in. lbs@psi (1x) lbs@psi (2x)
11R22.5 16 27 146/143 L 43.5 11 19.3 8.25 6610@105 6005@105
11R24.5 16 27 149/146 L 43.9 11 20.3 8.25 7160@120 6610@120