Mixed Service All-Position


  • Dump Trucks
  • Regional Trucks
  • Refuse Trucks
  • Concrete Trucks
  • Steerable and solid lift axles

The TR678 is an all position widebase tire. The 5-rib design with offseting tread blocks offers excellent on-road stability while the solid outside shoulder reduces irregular wear.

Size P.R. T.D. L.I. S.S. O.D. S.W. S.L.R. R.W. L.C.C.@PSI L.C.C.@PSI
32nds in. in. in. in. lbs@psi (1x) lbs@psi (2x)
425/65R22.5 20 21 164/162 J 44.3 16.6 20.2 13.00 11000@120 10500@ 11000@120 10500@