Studless Light Truck Winter Tire

Big tread blocks with reinforced ribs and narrow grooves provide good cornering performance and soft tread for excellent grip on snow.

Straight tread block design, with deep, hollow grooves guarantee grip performance.

Curved tread groove design, provide good traction on snow and muddy grounds.

Variable pitch design to reduces noise and provides better ride comfort.

Size Code LI/SR T.D. O.D. S.W. R.W. UTQG L.C.C. (1x) L.C.C. (2x)
32nds in. in. in. lbs@psi lbs@psi
LT225/75R16 0TR78701 115/112Q 15 29.3 8.8 6J 2680@80 2470@80
LT265/70R17 0TR78704 121/118Q 15 31.7 10.7 8J 3195@80 2910@80