Summer 4x4 Mud Terrain

The GripX Mud Terrain tire is focused on the off road enthusiasts and for those consumers who value an aggressive design to match their vehicles and personalities. Superior toughness and traction to manage extreme off-road with balanced on-road performance.

AGGRESSIVE BLOCK DESIGN WITH LARGE SHOULDER GROOVES: For extreme off road grip Results in superior off-road performance.

STRATEGICALLY PLACED STONE EJECTORS: For release of trapped stones and mud. Results in high traction & damage prevention.

STAIR STEP BLOCK FACE DESIGN: For aggressive gripping and climbing capability. Results in greater bite for off-road traction in sandy and muddy conditions.

REINFORCED HIGH STRENGTH CARCASS STRUCTURE DESIGN: For enhanced climbing ability and steering stability on road and off-road. Results in effective damage prevention.

NEW ADVANCED TREAD COMPOUND FEATURING FUNCTIONAL POLYMERS IN COMBINATION WITH NATURAL RUBBER: For increased tread durability, self cleaning and high carrying capacity. Results in improved resistance to tearing and punching and excellent grip in rocky conditions.

HIGH SIDEWALL TURN-UP: For improved sidewall strength. Results in prevention of sidewall damage.

Size Code LI/SR T.D. O.D. S.W. R.W. UTQG L.C.C. (1x) L.C.C. (2x)
32nds in. in. in. lbs@psi lbs@psi
30X9.50R15 0TR28104 Q104 17 29.8 9.4 7.5J 1985@50
LT225/75R16 0TR28105 Q115/112 17 29.5 8.8 6J 2680@80 2470@80
LT245/75R16 0TR28102 120/116Q 18 30.7 9.8 7.0J 1380@80 1260@80
LT265/75R16 0TR28103 123/120Q 19 31.9 10.5 7.5J 3415@80 3085@80
LT235/85R16 0TR28101 120/116Q 17 32.0 9.3 6.5J 3040@80 2778@80
LT265/65R17 0TR28106 Q120/117 18 30.8 10.7 8J 30875@80 2835@80
LT265/70R17 0TR28107 Q118/115 18 31.7 10.7 8J 2910@65 2680@65
LT265/70R18 0TR28108 Q124/121 18 32.6 10.7 8J 3525@80 3195@80